Past Lectures

Below is a list of every lecture or meeting that has ever taken place at Warrington History Society together with the speaker’s name and the date of the talk.

No. Lecture Title / Meeting Description Speaker Date
Inaugural meeting (132 attendees) Mr George Carter 19-Feb-64
1 The Pattens and the Warrington Copper Industry Dr JR Harris 01-Apr-64
2 Civil War in Lancashire particularly the Warrington area Mr George Carter (Chair) 07-Oct-64
3 Architectural archaeology Mr C F Wright 04-Nov-64
4 British trade tokens of the late 18th and early 19th centuries Dr W H Chaliner 02-Dec-64
5 Antiquities and Ancient Monuments Mr J V H Eames 06-Jan-65
6 Heraldry and Local History Mr J Reg Rimmer 03-Feb-65
7 General recognition of earthworks in the field Mr K Jermy 03-Mar-65
8 Warrington in the Domesday Book Mr J J Bagley 07-Apr-65
9 A look around the new local history library Mr George Carter 06-Oct-65
10 The Roman army of the early Empire 31BC-200 AD Dr E W Marsden 03-Nov-65
11 Coastal sailing flats during the canal age Mr M M Schofield 01-Dec-65
12 Delamere Forest in Mediaeval times Mr B M Husain 05-Jan-66
13 Hill forts in the North West Mr M Bevan-Evans 02-Feb-65
14 Industrial Arch of Roman Britain: with special reference to Wilderspool Mr F H Thompson 02-Mar-66
15 Neolithic Revolution Mr D Shearer 06-Apr-66
16 Survey of the contents of Cheshire wills 1400-1550 Mr J T Driver 05-Oct-66
17 The Industrial Revolution Mr A E Musson 02-Nov-66
18 Tudor Cheshire Miss Joan Beck 07-Dec-66
Members’ evening 04-Jan-67
19 Recent Archaeological work in Lancashire Mr B J Edwards 01-Feb-67
20 Archaeology of Lancashire railways Mr Owen Ashmore 01-Mar-67
Members’ quiz: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral 05-Apr-67
21 Glass and its manufacture in South Lancashire Mr J Reg Rimmer (Chair) 04-Oct-67
22 The preservation and use of local records Mr B C Redwood 01-Nov-67
23 Col John Booth: Governor of Warrington 1643-6 Mr R N Dore 06-Dec-67
24 Clock and watch making in SE Lancashire Prof AT Smith 10-Jan-68
25 The Parish Church of St Elphin Rev Canon J C Longbottom 07-Feb-68
26 Roman Warrington in the light of recent excavations Mr J Williams 06-Mar-68
Members’ Quiz 03-Apr-68
27 The Duke of Bridgewater’s Canals Mr F Mullineux 02-Oct-68
28 Water Powered mills in Cheshire (substitution to what was advertised in the programme) Mr J H Norris 06-Nov-68
30 Old Market Hall site in Chester – recent Excavations Mr D F Petch 04-Dec-68
31 Thomas Dallam Mr George A Carter 08-Jan-69
32 Early Chester Goldsmiths Rev M Ridgway 05-Feb-69
33 Helsby Hill & the Iron Age hill forts in the North West Mr Forde-Johnston 05-Mar-69
Going for a Song game 02-Apr-69
34 Tracing one’s Ancestry Mr Sharpe-France 01-Oct-69
35 The Significant Years 1850-6 Mr Harry Milligan 05-Nov-69
36 Victorian Conservata Mr E Hubbard 03-Dec-69
37 Dating a Roman Site: Inspired guesswork or exact science? Mr P V Webster 07-Jan-70
38 Romans in the North West Mr G D B Jones 04-Feb-70
39 Warrington Dispensary Library Dr R Guest Gornall 04-Mar-70
Members’ Quiz 01-Apr-70
40 Archaeology’s greatest contribution to history Mr V G Davies (Chair) 07-Oct-70
41 Peter Stubs & the Lancashire Hand Tool Industry to 1840 Col Surrey Dane 04-Nov-70
42 Prehistory Miss D Slow 02-Dec-70
43 Middlewich Roman Settlement excavations 1963-70 Mr J D Bestwick 06-Jan-71
44 The Roman Road at Appleton Mr E M Hughes 03-Feb-71
45 Timber framed old halls in the Manchester region Dr T L Marsden 03-Mar-71
Members’ Quiz 07-Apr-71
46 Liverpool and Manchester railway Mr G O Holt 06-Oct-71
47 Survey of Language and Folklore in Lancashire and Cheshire Dr P Wright 03-Nov-71
48 Excavations of the elliptical building in Chester Mr J V H Eames 01-Dec-71
49 Cheshire place names Mr J McN Dodgson 12-Jan-72
50 Cheshire Churches Mr D Buttress 02-Feb-72
51 Potters of Liverpool Mr D A Smith 01-Mar-72
52 Excavations at Howley D Hill 05-Apr-72
53 The Turnpike Road through Winwick Mr Peter J Andrews 04-Oct-72
54 Excavations of the Augustinian Priory at Norton Mr J P Greene 01-Nov-72
55 Art Collections of the First Lord Leverhulme Mr J McDonald 06-Dec-72
56 Warrington and its Early Railways Mr A Wright 10-Jan-73
57 Monumental Brasses Miss P H Coulstock 07-Feb-73
58 Michaelangelo (substitution to what was advertised in the programme) Rev VG Davies 07-Mar-73
59 Historical Society of Lancashire and Cheshire Mr John Lea 04-Apr-73
60 Archaeological Fieldwork Mr PJ Davey 02-May-73
61 About Knutsford Mr W Brough (Chair) 03-Oct-73
62 Roman Manchester – recent excavations Miss Shelagh Grealey 07-Nov-73
63 Pre-Conquest Cheshire Dr J D Bu’lock 05-Dec-73
Members Evening 02-Jan-74
64 Underwater Archaeology in the North West Mr D Branigan 06-Feb-74
65 Underground Canals at Worsley Mr F Mullineux 06-Mar-74
66 Industrial Archaeological Research in Warrington Mr Eamon Hyde 03-Apr-74
67 Food, Cooking and the Working Class before 1914 Mrs M M Schofield 02-Oct-74
68 Grants of Ramsbottom Rev R R Carmyllie 06-Nov-74
69 Two Cheshire Estates: Booths Hall and Tatton Mrs H Parkinson 04-Dec-74
70 Museum Treasure Hunt; Warrington Coat of Arms Mr J Reg Rimmer 08-Jan-75
71 History of Law Enforcement or the Police Idea Insp R Parkinson 05-Feb-75
72 North West Sound Archives Mr K Harworth 05-Mar-75
73 “Good Old Warrington” Mr Frank Altman 02-Apr-75
74 Great Orme Railway Mr Cliff Newton (Chair) 01-Oct-75
75 Education in a Lancashire Village: Winwick schools pre 1872 Mr Peter J Andrews 05-Nov-75
76 How they brought the Sea to Manchester Mr H Darbyshire 03-Dec-75
77 Warrington and the Patten Family Mr George A Carter 07-Jan-76
78 Offa’s Dyke Dr D Hill 04-Feb-76
79 Journal of Rev D T Carnson 1847-1854: non-conformist record of travels in Lancashire Dr J Lea 03-Mar-76
Members’ Quiz 07-Apr-76
80 Excavations in Chester Mr T J Strickland 18-Oct-76
81 Special Meeting: talk to go with visit to Hadrian’s Wall Mr Colin Harding 25-Oct-76
82 Recent Archaeology in Lancashire Mr John S Hallam 15-Nov-76
83 Sources of Lancashire Farming History Miss D Winterbotham 20-Dec-76
84 Post Office history with particular reference to Warrington Mr J W Martin 17-Jan-77
85 Salt Industry in Cheshire Lady Rochester 21-Feb-77
86 Murder Matricide: The Killing of Agamemnon & Aegisthus in Greek Art Dr A J Prag 21-Mar-77
AGM 13 18-Apr-77
87 Origin and Growth of Methodism in Warrington Dr Ian Sellers 19-Sep-77
88 Loushers Lane: Recent Excavations Mr John Hinchcliffe 17-Oct-77
89 Antiquarian Books Mr E J Morton 21-Nov-77
90 Towpath Trek Mr G A Birtill 19-Dec-77
91 Twelve Men of Warrington Mrs Sylvia A Pargeter 16-Jan-78
92 Talks by 3 members of the Society Unknown 20-Feb-78
93 Archaeology in the Cheshire Countryside Mr S Rhys Williams 20-Mar-78
AGM 14 17-Apr-78
94 Some Aspects of Heraldry Mr K E Jermy (Chair) 18-Sep-78
95 Roaming around Ribchester Mr Maurice Fitchett 16-Oct-78
96 Recent Researches into Egyptian Mummies at the Manchester Museum Dr Rosalie David 20-Nov-78
Members’ Quiz 18-Dec-78
97 50 years of fun in Museums Mr J Reg Rimmer 15-Jan-79
98 Clay Tobacco Pipes in NW England 1600-1750 Mr Peter J Davey 19-Feb-79
99 Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port Mr A J Hurst 19-Mar-79
AGM 15 23-Apr-79
100 The relationship between local and national history Mr John Winterburn 17-Sep-79
101 Manchester Roman Excavations 1978-79 Mr M Morris 15-Oct-79
102 Resurrecting an Historic House Mr James Brotherhood 19-Nov-79
Christmas festivities 17-Dec-79
103 History of Rylands Mr F Wilcox 21-Jan-80
104 Liverpool and Manchester railway Mr Alan Wright 18-Feb-80
105 Wilderspool: the planning aspect of Romano-British Settlements Mr John Hinchcliffe 17-Mar-80
AGM 16 21-Apr-80
106 Old Warrington Mr George A Carter 15-Sep-80
107 Quarry Bank Mill, Styal Mr David Seckers 20-Oct-80
108 South Castle Street, Liverpool, Excavations Mr Peter J Davey 17-Nov-80
109 Warrington’s Early History Mr Warburton 15-Dec-80
110 Life with “The Lion” Mr A E Jarvis 19-Jan-81
111 National Trust Houses: Dunham Massey Hall Mr Peter Lee 16-Feb-81
112 Warrington Corporation Transport Mr Alan Pritchard 16-Mar-81
AGM 17 13-Apr-81
113 History of Risley Mr Harry Henshaw (Chair) 21-Sep-81
114 Sankey Valley Park Mr Peter Gateley 19-Oct-81
115 Bridgewater Canal: Boats and Boatmen Mr Peter Lorenz 16-Nov-81
116 A Divided Land: Civil War in Cheshire Mr J H McP Harper 21-Dec-81
117 Southworth Hall Winwick Excavations Mr David Freke 18-Jan-82
118 A History of Warrington Library Mr David Rogers 15-Feb-82
119 Maritime Museum, Liverpool Mr M Heighton 15-Mar-82
AGM 18 19-Apr-82
120 Irish Rebel at the Warrington Academy Dr Paddy O’Brien 20-Sep-82
121 Duke of Bridgewater’s Canal Dr B H G Malet 18-Oct-82
122 Arley Estate Hon Michael Flower 15-Nov-82
123 Warrington Local History Mr Peter Williams 13-Dec-82
124 Tatton Old Hall: Guardian of 1000 Secrets Mr D Kitching 17-Jan-83
125 The clock and watch making Industry in Prescot Prof Alan T Smith 21-Feb-83
126 Bewsey Old Hall Mrs Pauline Bearpark 21-Mar-83
AGM 19 18-Apr-83
127 Herdman’s Liverpool Mr Brian D Griffin (Chair) 19-Sep-83
128 William Beamont and Warrington Mr George A Carter 17-Oct-83
129 Law and Order in C19th Manchester Mr Duncan Broady 21-Nov-83
Members Evening 12-Dec-83
130 Fresh digging in Warrington’s Past Mr Tom V Jackson 16-Jan-84
131 Warrington between the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution 1660-1760 Dr Ian Sellers 20-Feb-84
132 Beeston and Chester Castles: Recent Excavations Mr P R Hough 19-Mar-84
AGM 20 16-Apr-84
133 Birth of Lancashire Mr P H W Booth 17-Sep-84
134 Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt Dr Barbara Waterson 15-Oct-84
135 Medieval Grappenhall Mr George A Carter 19-Nov-84
136 Rainhill Locomotive Trials Mr Ian Davidson 17-Dec-84
137 Moated Farm at Culcheth Mr David Freke 21-Jan-85
138 Great Liners Mr M K Stammers 18-Feb-85
Macclesfield Heritage Centre 18-Mar-85
139 Boteler Grammar School’s History 1800-1932 Mr Dan Doherty (Chair) 16-Sep-85
140 Roman Villa at Eaton by Tarporley Dr David Mason 21-Oct-85
141 Wigan, Recent excavations Mr Adrian Tindall 18-Nov-85
142 Life of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Mr G Weddell 16-Dec-85
143 Walton Estate, Brief History Mr D Foster 20-Jan-86
144 The Way we Were: Life and Work in Lancashire in the 19th Century Mr P Lewis 17-Feb-86
145 Warrington to Oxford – Academy to College Dr Paddy O’Brien 17-Mar-86
AGM 22 21-Apr-86
146 Continuity and Change: the NW 306-835 Mr R White 15-Sep-86
147 Sutton Tunnel Railway Accident 1851 Mr W R Hawkin 20-Oct-86
148 Sir Herbert Dunnico Dr Ian Sellers 17-Nov-86
149 History of the Warrington Photographic Society Mr Jack Gregory 15-Dec-86
150 Monks, Vikings, Bishops and Kings at Peel Castle, Isle of Man Mr David Freke 19-Jan-87
151 Loss of the Tayleur – Warrington Clipper Ship Mr H F Starkey 16-Feb-87
152 His Monument is around us: Charles Madeley 1849-1920 Mr David Rogers 16-Mar-87
AGM 23 13-Apr-87
153 Romance of the Road Mrs Dorothy Sullivan (Chair) 21-Sep-87
154 Medieval Chester Mr Simon Ward 19-Oct-87
155 Castleshaw Roman Fort Excavations 1984-87 Mr David Start 16-Nov-87
156 Clockmaking: A Warrington Trade Mrs Kit Heald 21-Dec-87
157 Conservation in Museums Mr Raymond Wadsworth 18-Jan-88
158 The Warrington Lit and Phil in its First Century Dr Paddy O’Brien 15-Feb-88
159 Thomas Birtles: Master of Images Miss Janice Hayes 21-Mar-88
AGM 24 18-Apr-88
160 History of Warrington’s Post Office Mr A Pridden 19-Sep-88
161 Edwin Bede and the Kingdom of Northumbria Mr C O’Brien 17-Oct-88
162 Great Woolden Hall excavation, Glazebrook Mr N Niell 21-Nov-88
163 The Earl of Montrose Mr Ian Davidson 19-Dec-88
164 The Musical Society in Warrington Mr George Rowe 16-Jan-89
165 The Bolds of Bold Mr A Forster 20-Feb-89
166 Lindow Man: the body from the bog Mr C Horie 20-Mar-89
AGM 25 17-Apr-89
167 Battleton Rectory Mr Henry Ashcroft (Chair) 18-Sep-89
168 Warrington and the copper industry (a repeat of the first talk given to the Society in April 1964) Mr Tom Jackson 16-Oct-89
169 Bridgewater Canal Dr Peter Lorenz 20-Oct-89
170 4 Literary Ladies of Warrington (Blackburn, Aikin, Sanson, Grand) Dr Ian Sellers 18-Dec-89
171 Greater Manchester & Cheshire Archaeological Unit: current work Mr John Roberts 15-Jan-90
172 James Brindley: once and future engineer Mr A Jarvis 19-Feb-90
173 Ordinary Life in the Mediaeval North West Mr P Booth 19-Mar-90
AGM 26 09-Apr-90
174 Anna Laetitia Barbauld – Special Meeting Prof W McCarthy 21-May-90
175 The Great Exhibition 1851 Mr W Hawkin 17-Sep-90
176 The Port of Runcorn 1786-1886 Mr Starkey 15-Oct-90
177 Stockton Heath and its Past Rev Tom Kenny 19-Nov-90
178 Cholera Epidemic 1837 Dr Paddy O’Brien 17-Dec-90
179 The French Revolution – Warrington Connection Dr Paddy O’Brien 16-Jan-91
180 Cheshire History: The Planning Department of Cheshire Mr Adrian Tyndall 21-Jan-91
181 Pieces of Paper: Introduction to Warrington Library Local History Collection Mr David Rogers 18-Feb-91
182 The Road to Agincourt Mr Dan Doherty 18-Mar-91
AGM 27 15-Apr-91
183 Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Chester Dr D Mason 21-Oct-09
184 The Brontes Mrs J Colling 18-Nov-91
185 Tatton Park and the Egerton Family Mrs Roz Gorton 16-Dec-91
186 Little bits of Paper: the importance of ephemera to local history Mr Chris Makepeace 20-Jan-92
187 The Archaeology of Newton-le-Willows Dr Roger Philpott 17-Feb-92
188 History of Ormskirk Mrs Audrey Coney 16-Mar-92
AGM 28 13-Apr-92
189 A Look at Old Eccleston Township Mr D Knowles 21-Sep-92
190 Employment of Children in Victorian Warrington Mr Peter Williams 19-Oct-92
191 600 years of the Leghs of Lyme Mrs K Atkinson 16-Nov-92
192 Stretton Parish Map Dr Ralph Tomlinson 18-Jan-93
193 Recent Archaeological work at Bewsey Hall Mr J Morris 15-Feb-93
194 4 Cheshire Townships in the 18th Century Mr Charles Foster 15-Mar-93
AGM 29 19-Apr-93
195 Role of the Cheshire Gentry Mrs J Leech 10-May-93
196 3 in a Boat Mr Cyril Leake (Chair) 20-Sep-93
197 Discoveries made at the Wet Earth Colliery, Salford Mr A Davies 18-Oct-93
198 Recent Archaeological work at Wilderspool Mr Ian Rogers 15-Nov-93
199 Early Days of the Sankey Canal Mr D Knowles 13-Dec-93
200 Corn Mills in Cheshire Mr O Bott 17-Oct-94
201 Cheshire Heritage of Historical Buildings Mr JL McKenna 21-Feb-94
202 Old Abbey Farm, Risley Miss Rachel Newman 21-Mar-94
AGM 30 18-Apr-94
203 Packet Services in the Warrington/Runcorn area Mr JB Maund 19-Sep-94
204 Cheshire Cheese and 17/18th Century Farming Mr Charles Foster 17-Oct-94
205 100 years of the Manchester ship Canal Company Mr AJ Dickinson 21-Nov-94
Members evening 12-Dec-94
206 Port of Frodsham and Weaver Navigation, The Mr WR Hawkin 16-Jan-95
207 Norton Priory re-visited Mr Ross Bullock 20-Feb-95
208 Looking at Lymm Mr Joe D Griffiths 20-Mar-95
AGM 31 10-Apr-95
209 The Lyon Family: 100 years at Appleton Park Mrs Clare Furneaux (Chair) 18-Sep-95
210 Chester in the Civil War Mr Simon Ward 16-Oct-95
211 Ince Blundell Marbles Mr Edmund C Southworth 20-Nov-95
212 Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal Mr John Fletcher 11-Dec-95
213 Changing Warrington Miss Janice Hayes 15-Jan-96
214 The Hapsburghs of Austria Mr Brian Oldroyd 19-Feb-96
215 Old Abbey Farm, Risley Mr Mark Fletcher 18-Mar-96
AGM 32 & Members’ evening 15-Apr-96
216 Excavation of Eccleston Manor Mr Anthony Martin 16-Sep-96
217 Digging Chester Cathedral Mr Simon Ward 21-Oct-96
218 Hotties and the glass industry of St Helens Mr Mick Krupa 18-Nov-96
219 My Life at Speke Hall Mr TW Whatmore 16-Dec-96
220 Warrington Tokens Mr Bob Lyall 20-Jan-97
221 Great Irish Famine, 1845-50 Mr Jim Doyle 17-Feb-97
222 Vale Royal – A Controversial View Mr E Hawes 17-Mar-97
AGM 33 & Members’ evening 15-Apr-97
223 Warrington Town Hall Mrs Dorothy Sullivan (Chair) 15-Sep-97
224 William Beamont, 1st Mayor of Warrington Miss Janice Hayes 20-Oct-97
225 50 years of Local History Mr Tom Jackson 17-Nov-97
226 3 Men of Cheshire Mr Adrian Tindall 19-Jan-98
227 Bewsey Old Hall Mr John Jenkins 15-Feb-98
228 Mediaeval Warburton and its Priory Dr Mike Neville 16-Mar-98
AGM 34 & Members’ evening 20-Apr-98
229 The Secret Garden: Grappenhall Heys Miss Mandy North 21-Sep-98
230 Warrington Voices Miss Janice Hayes 19-Oct-98
231 Warrington Museum Mrs S Thompson 16-Nov-98
232 The Rochdale Pioneers Mr Leslie Brough 14-Dec-98
233 Archaeology of Manchester airport Mr Dan Garner 18-Jan-99
234 Archaeological Discovery at Hanging Ditch Mr Graham Eyre-Morgan 15-Feb-99
235 Lives and Times of Canal Boat People D Johnson 15-Mar-99
AGM 35 19-Apr-99
236 Copper, glass, soap – Perfection Mr Ken Ashworth (Chair) 20-Sep-99
237 Austin Friars of Warrington Mr Harry Wells 18-Oct-99
238 The Road to Latchford Ford Mr David Forrest 15-Nov-99
239 The Story of the Public House Mrs Dorothy sullivan 13-Dec-99
Members evening 19-Dec-99
240 Postal History of Warrington, A Mr Ray Whitfield 17-Jan-00
241 Aikens of Warrington, The Dr Paddy O’Brien 21-Feb-00
242 Countryside in Roman Merseyside & Cheshire Dr Roger Philpott 23-Mar-00
243 AGM 36 & Edge Holl Mole (Williamson) Mr Steve Moran 17-Apr-00
244 Restoration of the Anderton Boat Lift Mr Martin Clarke 18-Sep-00
245 “The Tayleur” Mr H Starkey 16-Oct-00
246 Romans at Wilderspool Mr Tim Strickland 20-Nov-00
Members Evening 11-Dec-00
247 South Lancashire Regiment in the Boer War Mr Doug Farrington 15-Jan-01
248 The Burtonwood Story Mr Peter Boardman 19-Feb-01
249 The Friary Dig Mr Richard Heawood 19-Mar-01
250 AGM 37 & Visit to Australia and New Zealand Dr John Chamberlain 23-Apr-01
251 The Mystery of Chomolungma Mr Ray Hunt (Chair) 17-Sep-01
252 Glimpses of Anglo-Saxon Warrington Mr Harry Wells 15-Oct-01
253 Lewis Carroll Mr John Ratcliffe 19-Nov-01
254 Victorian Magic Lantern show Mrs Mary Copsey 17-Dec-01
255 Windmills on the Wirral Mr Jim O’Neill 21-Jan-02
256 William Hesketh Lever and the Leverhulme Estate Mr Gavin Hunter 18-Feb-02
257 Abbey Hall Farm – final results of the dig Mr Richard Heawood 18-Mar-02
258 Pathe News & Pearl and Dean cine film Mr George Harrison 15-Apr-02
259 A Century of Warrington Municipal Transport Mr Ron Phillips 16-Sep-02
260 Crossings over the Mersey Mr Bob Martindale 21-Oct-02
261 Archaeological dig on the “Brown’s of Chester” Mr Dan Garner 18-Nov-02
Members’ evening 16-Dec-02
262 The Battle of Winwick Pass Mr Gordon Speakman 20-Jan-03
263 Warrington Street Names Mr Peter Holland 17-Feb-03
264 The Excavations at Lathom Mr Mark Fletcher 17-Mar-03
265 AGM & 50 years in the Medical Profession Dr John Chamberlain 14-Apr-03
266 Warrington, a Military Presence Mr Doug Farrington (Chair) 15-Sep-03
267 History of the Royal Naval Air Station: Stretton Mr Syd Edwards 20-Oct-03
268 The North West’s Oldest Port: Meols Dr Roger Philpott 17-Nov-03
269 The Lost Palace Fortress Mr Mark Fletcher 15-Dec-03
270 The Liverpool Overhead Railway Mr Adrian Jarvis 19-Jan-04
271 40th Anniversary of WAHS Mrs Dorothy Sullivan 16-Feb-04
272 Journey along the Macclesfield Canal Mr Ian May 15-Mar-04
273 AGM 40 & The Winwick Dig 2003 Mr Ron Cowell 14-Apr-04
274 Haigh Hall and the People who lived there Mrs Carol Banks 20-Sep-04
275 Lion Salt Works Mr A Fielding 18-Oct-04
276 Manchester at War Mr Chris Makepeace 15-Nov-04
277 Vulcan Works 1864 – 1884 Mr T Foster 13-Dec-04
278 Women and Children in the Mines Mr A Davies 17-Jan-05
279 Caught in Time: Liverpool Conservation Centre Mr D Abbott 21-Feb-05
280 Roman Nantwich Mr S Askew 21-Mar-05
AGM & Members Evening 18-Apr-05
281 The River Mersey: from its source to the sea Mr Gordon Speakman (Chair) 19-Sep-06
282 750th Anniversary of Warrington Market Mr Stephen Pickering 17-Oct-05
283 Warrington people in the 18th Century Mr Charles Foster 21-Nov-05
Members evening 12-Dec-05
284 Warrington’s First Botanical Gardens Mr John Edmondson 16-Dec-05
285 Recent Wigan excavations Mr Ian Miller 16-Jan-06
286 Mysteries of Ordsall Hall Mr Leslie Willis 20-Feb-06
287 The Alderley Edge Project Ms Claire Pye 20-Mar-06
288 AGM & Who we were Mr Richard Roberts 24-Apr-06
289 Theatres and Music Halls in the NW Mr Les Willis 18-Sep-06
290 My Dive to the Titanic Mr Steve Rigby 20-Nov-06
291 9 Lives or 750 Years in a Dirty Shift Ms Janet Bradshaw 11-Dec-06
292 Roman Amphitheatre, The, Chester Mr Dan Garner 15-Jan-07
293 Trafford Park Mr David George 19-Feb-07
294 Archaeology of the Slave Trade in the West Indies Dr Roger Philpott 19-Mar-07
295 AGM & Cheshire Police Museum Mr Peter Roe 18-Apr-07
296 Recording History: Records & Gramophones Mr Terry Warburton 19-Sep-07
297 The Archaeology of Manchester’s First Textile Mill Dr Mike Neville 15-Oct-07
298 Epidemics Dr John Chamberlain 19-Nov-07
299 250 Anniversary of Warrington Academy Dr Peter Rowlands 10-Dec-07
300 Old Lymm 1 Mr Joe Griffiths 21-Jan-08
301 Liverpool’s Old Dock: A Recent Discovery Mr Jaimie Quartrmaine 18-Feb-08
302 Martin Mere: Farming the Fen Mrs Audrey Coney 17-Mar-08
303 Policing in Warrington during the ’60s Mr Gordon Hill 21-Apr-08
304 Old Lymm 2 Mr Joe Griffiths 15-Sep-08
305 Working in ‘th Mill Mr Bernard Shampness & Mrs Jean Shampness 20-Oct-08
306 Underground Manchester Mr Keith Warrender 17-Nov-08
307 Tudor Social History Mr Adrian Worrell 15-Dec-08
308 The Calderstones Mr Ron Cowell 19-Jan-09
309 The Romans in Manchester Mr Norman Redhead 16-Feb-09
310 The Staircase House Mr Howard Green 16-Mar-09
311 AGM & Chester before the Romans Ms Elizabeth Royle 20-Apr-09
312 Hesketh Park and Botanical Gardens, Southport Mr Alan Foxhall 21-Sep-09
313 Archaeological Dig: M62 jct 6 Tarbock Mr Ron Cowell 19-Oct-09
314 Victorian Theatres in Manchester Mr Chris Makepeace 16-Nov-09
Christmas Social: Padgate handbell ringers 14-Dec-09
315 Tatton Park and the Egertons Mrs Roz Gorton 18-Jan-10
316 Underground Manchester Part 2 Mr Keith Warrender 15-Feb-10
317 Restoration of the Victorian Baths in Manchester Ms Kate Dribble 15-Mar-10
318 AGM & Transport around Warrington: Trolley Buses & Trams Mr Chris Coffey 19-Apr-10
319 The Authoress – Elizabeth Gaskell Ms Elizabeth Williams 20-Sep-10
320 Gorton Monastery Mr Peter Friend 18-Oct-10
321 Crime in Warrington – 1630 Mr Alan Crosby 15-Nov-10
(No meeting – extreme weather conditions) 13-Dec-10
322 Eliza – A wonderful woman from Wigan, 1862-1927 Mrs Gwyneth Millard 17-Jan-11
323 The Families at Dunham Massey Hall Mr Peter Boules 21-Feb-11
324 Whispers from the Willows Mr Keith Warrender 21-Mar-11
325 Weaving Warrington’s Past Mrs Kit Heald 18-Apr-11
326 Manchester Ship Canal Mr Leslie Brown 19-Sep-11
327 History of Thelwall Mr Michael Taylor 17-Oct-11
328 HMS Blackcap Mr Syd Edwards 21-Nov-11
329 Peeps into the Past Mr Syd Edwards 19-Dec-12
330 Warrington Clergy Institutions Mrs Margaret Fellows 16-Jan-12
331 Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool Ms Dianne Cox 20-Feb-12
332 Norton Priory Ms Cathy Williams 19-Mar-12
333 Cameo of Six Towns Mr Graham Dodd 16-Apr-12
334 History of Stockton Heath Mrs Kit Heald 17-Sep-12
335 Philanthropy & Working-Class Children in Warrington 1810-1845 Miss Anna Alexander 15-Oct-12
336 Secrets of a small Cheshire parish: High Legh Mrs Judy Popley 19-Nov-12
Christmas Quiz Night 17-Dec-12
Meeting cancelled due to extreme weather conditions 21-Jan-13
337 Guided visit to Warrington Masonic Hall Unknown 18-Feb-13
338 The Parr family Mrs Margaret Fellows 18-Mar-13
339 Grappenhall Heyes Mr Ian Gault 18-Mar-13
AGM 49 15-Apr-13
340 George Faulkner Armitage: a glimpse of his life and work Mrs Gill Fitzpatrick 16-Sep-13
341 Sankey Canal Restoration Society Mr Peter Keen 21-Oct-13
342 19th Century Working-Class children in Warrington & Liverpool Miss Anna Alexander (Chair) 18-Nov-13
Christmas Quiz night 16-Dec-13
343 Grappenhall Month by Month Wendy Wakefield 20-Jan-14
344 Thelwall: First Gunpowder Factory in the North-West Mr Mike Taylor 17-Feb-14
345 The Battle of Winwick Pass Mr Gordon Speakman 17-Mar-14
AGM 50 29-Apr-14
346 50th Anniversary Dinner @ The Fir Grove Hotel, Warrington 15-Sep-14
347 World War 1: Presentation with songs and poems Mr Syd Edwards 20-Oct-14
348 Arsenic in the 19th Century Mrs Margaret Fellows 17-Nov-14
Xmas Party and Quiz Night 15-Dec-14
349 Warrington and The Slave Trade Mr John Bygate 19-Jan-15
350 The Carter Family Mrs Kit Heald 12-Feb-15
351 Three Ships On The Mersey Mr Gordon Speakman 16-Mar-15
352 AGM 51 & An Overview of Speke Hall Miss Anna Alexander 20-Apr-15
352 The Formative Years of David Lloyd George up to 1914 Mr Aled Jones 21-Sep-15
354 The Warrington Cine Club Mr Derek Belton 19-Oct-15
355 Diaries of Edwardian Ladies (The Broadbents of Latchford) Miss Janice Hayes 16-Nov-15
Xmas Party and Quiz Night  Quiz by Kit Heald 14-Dec-15
356 Early Years of Education in Warrington Joyce Ireland 18-Jan-16
357 The Patten, Blackburne & Dumbell Families Mr Mark Adams 15-Feb-16
358 The Victorian Decorative Glass Industry and Warrington’s Part In Its Development Mr David Williars 21-Mar-16
359 AGM 52 & Three Mayors of Warrington: William Beamont, Arthur Bennett & James Hayes Mr Andy Green (Chair) 18-Apr-16
360 Policing in Warrington Mr Paul Carter 19-Sep-16
361 Lewis Carroll Through The Window Mrs Irene Rutter 17-Oct-16
362 Howley, Fairfield and Latchford Mr Gordon Speakman 21-Nov-16
Christmas Party & Quiz Night Quiz by Kit Heald 12-Dec-16
363 A Walk Around Warrington Mrs Margaret Fellows 16-Jan-17
364 The Great War 1914-1918 Madelaine Kirk 20-Feb-17
365 Abandon Hope: Life In The Workhouse Peter Watson 20-Mar-17
366 AGM 53 & A History of Friars Green Chapel Ken McDermott 24-Apr-17
367 The Chemical Industry in Runcorn & Widnes Diana Leitch 18-Sep-17
368 Friar Thomas Penketh Bill Cooke 16-Oct-17
369 A Century of Public Transport in Warrington Ron Phillips 20-Nov-17
370 Christmas Party & Quiz Night Quiz by Kit Heald 18-Dec-17
371 The Life of George Formby Brian Hallworth 15-Jan-18
372 The Rylands Family: Wire, Women & Song Phillip Jeffs 19-Feb-18
373 Life In 19th Century Warrington Andy Green 19-Mar-18
374 AGM 54 & William Beamont: The Early Years Harry Wells 23-Apr-18
375 Burtonwood Base Aldon Ferguson 17-Sep-18
376 The Restoration of a Warrington Tram Rob Jones 15-Oct-18
377 Anna Laetitia Barbauld Janice Hayes 19-Nov-18
Christmas Party & Quiz Night Quiz by Kit Heald 17-Dec-18
378 Two Entrerpeneurs of Warrington’s Glass Industry Margaret Fellows 21-Jan-19
379 Medicine in the Rylands Archives Phillip Jeffs 18-Feb-19
380 Newton Hollows and the Roman Route from Chester to Wilderspool Monty Mercer 18-Mar-19
381 AGM 55 & William Beamont: Life with Ann Harry Wells 15-Apr-19
382 Lantern Lights 1890-1960 Martin Berry 16-Sep-19
383 The Prince of Wales Suite of Glass: Made in Warrington David Willars 21-Oct-19
384 Warrington Transporter Bridge Margaret Ingham 18-Nov-19
385 Christmas Party & Quiz Night Carol Andrew 16-Dec-19
386 The Decline and Fall of the Boteler Dynasty Dr Bill Cooke 20-Jan-20
387 Warrington Freemasons from 1646 Vic Charlesworth & Caroline Crooke 17-Feb-20
March 2020 to April 2021 – all lectures cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic
388 Warrington’s Golden Moment (1761-1767) Dr Bill Cooke 17-May-21
389 A Layperson’s Guide to the Historic Counties of the UK Martin Philips 20-Sep-21
390 Bringing the Sea to Manchester – The Story of the Manchester Ship Canal Les Green & Bob Cannell 18-Oct-21
391 Walton Hall Gardens – Past & Present Sue Forrest 15-Nov-21
392 Christmas Quiz via Zoom Andy Green 20-Dec-21
393 Warrington Women: An Historic A to Z Philip Jeffs 17-Jan-22
394 The Inns, Pubs & Ale Houses of Warrington’s Bridge Street Andy Green 21-Feb-22
395 Warrington Scandals Dr Bill Cooke 17-Mar-22
396 AGM 57 & William Beamont: His Later Years Harry Wells 25-Apr-22
Sept 2022 lecture cancelled due to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral
398 Northerners: A History from the Ice Age to the 21st Century Brian Groom 17-Oct-22
399 Thelwall’s Admiral Mike Taylor 21-Nov-22
400 Christmas Quiz David Edwardson 19-Dec-22
401 The Cheshire Soap Industry Claire Moores 16-Jan-23
402 The History of the Wire Part 1: The Rugby Union Years Neil Dowson 20-Feb-23
403 Cotton Town Chronicles Peter & Barbara Snape 20-Mar-23
404 AGM 58 & Warrington In The 1980s Dr Bill Cooke 17-Apr-23
405 Chimney Stacks & Climbing Boys Claire Moores 18-Sep-23
406 The Anderton Boat Lift – It’s History and Workings Jim Corbridge 16-Oct-23
407 The Restoration of the Daniel Adamson Les Green & Bob Cannell 20-Nov-23
408 Christmas Quiz David Edwardson 18-Dec-23
409 The History of the Wire Part 2: The Wire In The Northern Union Neil Dowson 15-Jan-24
410 A Basic History of Warrington Through Maps Philip Jeffs 19-Feb-24
411 James John Webster of Warrington – a World Class Engineer Mike Hodgkinson 18-Mar-24
412 AGM 59 & A Look at Harry Wells’ Archive Photograph Collection Harry Wells 15-Apr-24

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