‘This Warrington’ video

A short video that pays tribute to Warrington’s rich industrial past whilst looking forward to a bright, positive future has been produced by a group of Warrington based actors and creatives. The video, entitled ‘This Warrington’ (viewable below),  features the words of Warrington History Society’s Chairman Andy Green and is performed by members of Ludovico Studio’s ‘Class of 2018’.


So how did the project come about?

Said Andy: I was inspired to write the piece after chatting to Darren Jeffries of Ludovico. Darren’s been running acting classes at the Pyramid since 2018. He wanted to produce a collaborative piece with his students that summed up the feeling of positivity he feels is running through the town. He knew that I too was a proud Warringtonian who’d done some writing in the past and wondered if I had anything that would be suitable.”

Andy said he went home that night and wrote ‘This Warrington’ in around two hours.

“I’m a little older than Darren and have witnessed some significant changes in the town, some of which haven’t necessarily been for the best. That said, I believe Warrington is in a very good place; new buildings are going up, there’s a renewed focus on the town’s arts and culture scene, opinions are being sought and people appear to be being listened to.

“However, I think it’s really important when looking to the future that we respect our past. As someone who is very interested in local history I know Warrington wouldn’t be the place it is today without the hard work of those that have gone before. I wanted to ensure my words acknowledged this.”

Andy said he started thinking about how different generations react to change.

“When the heavy industries of the 19th century that helped shape Warrington disappeared a lot of people wondered what was in store for them. But as time progressed people adapted and new opportunities presented themselves.

“As well as looking to the future, I wanted the piece to reference the enterprise, education and innovation that has occurred in the town. As Warrington History Society members will know, Warrington is a town that has consistently punched above its weight and long may that continue.”

Click on the logo to listen to Andy Green and Darren Jeffries discuss the story behind Ludovico Studio’s ‘This Warrington’ project (audio courtesy of Radio Warrington 1332AM).


Andy, foreground, pictured with Darren Jeffries, back row right, and other members of Ludovico Studio’s Class of 2018. (Picture courtesy of the Warrington Guardian).